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Cover of Mineralogical Record, no 38(3) with our Lonavala article.


 2007. T. Praszkier & R. Siuda. The Lonavala quarry, Pune district, Maharashtra, India. Mineralogical Record, 38(3).

India`s Deccan Traps are famous the world over for an unparalleled abundance of beautiful and diverse zeolites and associated minerals. The Lonavala quarry has produced fine specimens of green fluorapophyllite, some of the world`s finest specimens of mesolite (after those of the Pashan Hills quarries), and recently some specimens of the beautiful blue vanadium minerals cavansite and pentagonite, formerly known primarily from the Wagholi quarry complex.


Among the most attractive of the Deccan Trap minerals--because of their intense colors--are the vanadium-containing species: green fluorapophyllite, cavansite and pentagonite. The Wagholi quarry complex ...


Cavansite on quartz. Lonavala, Inde. Coll. Spirifer. Fot. J. Scovil.


Cavansite with stilbite. Lonavala, Inde. Coll. Spirifer. Fot. J. Scovil.


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