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It was the second trip to Madagascar this year. This time it was very special because we spend it with our friend - Jeff Scovil - world best minerals` photographer. During this visit we spent a lot of time on pegmatites fields, but we also went there for some holidays - on malagasy beatiful beaches, and in national parks with lemurs and cameleons

I think that the most spectacular finds durring this visit were some really nice tourmalines, garnets and struverites. We also acquired some good quality specimens for our collection.

Tomasz Praszkier



Liddicoatite, size 7 cm. Tsarafara, Sahatany Valley, Central Madagascar.
Spirifer collection. Fot. J. Scovil.



At the begining of our trip we visited famous Sahatany Valley. In the photograph there is the Tsarafa Pegamtite (white dumps). Fot. T. Praszkier.



Examining the tourmalines from the Sahatany Valley. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.



Jeff and I are examining the tourmaline from the Sahatany Valley. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.



Examining the tourmaline from Sahatany Valley. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


Examining the beautiful tourmaline on quartz from Sahatany Valley, unfortunatelly crystal did not have termination. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.



 The visit in Anja Park, near Ambalavao. Fot. T. Praszkier.



Famous rock called "gates to south" near the main road of Madagascar. Fot. T. Praszkier.



Chilrdren in the small vilage near Zazafotsy. Fot. T. Praszkier.


Ring-tailed lemurs in Isalo National Park. Fot. T. Praszkier.


Jeff Scovil playing with two cameleons. Fot. T. Praszkier.


We arrived to the western coast. At the end of this peninsula there is a small fisherman-village Sarondrano - we stoped there to have some hollidays. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


Our hotel in Sarondrano. Fot. T. Praszkier.


The white man on the Sarondrano beach. Fot. T. Praszkier.


Starfishes durring the low-tide near Sarondrano. Fot. T. Praszkier.


Our car at the Sarondrano peninsula. Fot. T. Praszkier.


After a few days of holidays at the coast we came back to the central Madagsacr. "Mineral market" near Fianarantsoa. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


Looking for gems at the dumps in Ambalamahatsara pegmatite field, near Amatofinandrahana. Note traditional headgeaar of the Betsileo tribe. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


Typical pegmatite vein in marbles at Ambalamahatsara pegmatite field. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


Beryl (morganite), tourmalines, lepidolite, amazonite in the pegmatite vein at the Ambalamahatsara pegmatite field. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


Tourmalines from the Ambalamahatsara pegmatite field. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


Freshly mined quartz clusters from the Itremo area. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


Nice quartz cluster. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


I am examining the new find of pineaple quartzes from the Itremo area. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


In Amboropotsy we stayed in the most fancy hotel in the whole town - Jeff looks like really happy man. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


Jeff showing some photos to children in Mandrosonoro. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


Landscape near Janjina. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


Finally our car broke down... Note the quality of national road!!!! Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


We left the useless car and changed the mean of transport to cart.... Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


Despite all our car adventures we finally arrived to famous "baobab avenue" near Morondava. Fot. T. Praszkier.


Baobab near Morondava. Fot. T. Praszkier.


From Morondava we moved to Tsingy Bemaraha - famous carstic area builded of Middle Jurassic limestones. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


In this area there is a noumber of caves with beutiful, sparkly stalagmites. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


My girlfriend - Asia - climbing on incredible pinacles - so-called "Tsingy". Fot. T. Praszkier.


Jeff and Asia on the dramatic bridge in "Tsingy". Fot. T. Praszkier.


Once more Asia - this time on the top of "Tsingy". Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


The last view on Tsingy Bemaraha National Park. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


After visit in Tsingy we started moving back to the capital. Near the main road we found a guy with 4000 kg of rose quartz - he tried to hitch-hike... Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


Last day before Jeff`s departure we made a trip to the famous pegmatites with struverites near Antsirabe. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


Dumps from quarries with struverites. Fot. T. Praszkier.


Inside the struverite workings. Fot. J. Gajowniczek.


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